The Ancients World

Chapter 381: Heading to Greshina, Capital of The Elven Kingdom II

Chapter 381: Heading to Greshina, Capital of The Elven Kingdom II

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~~~(POV: Elven Queen Oryzox)~~~

~~~(Location: Alone in Office, Capital City Greshina)~~~

~~~(Time: 2:12 AM)~~~

There are too many variables to attack any human Kingdoms or Empires in the current state they’re in. They’re strong and gaining power every day, all thanks to gaining independence from The Church of Light. My attention is on the reports in front of me now, and they’re not good. The massive hole in the Border will take longer to repair than expected. 

Not to mention we have no idea who broke in and where they are. The first time I discussed this with my allies, it seemed impossible… The fire mage that burned through the Border wall has enough firepower to invade a legitimate empire. “My Queen, it’s become awfully late. Why don’t you good to bed for the night.” My butler pokes his head into my office, voicing his concerns.

The silence and solitude of my alone time have been interrupted. My eyes meet the old man that has served me since I can remember. Evander was there during my birth so long ago. He was the butler to my parents. “After I’m done with these reports, Evander. After that, I’m heading to bed.” He looks unconvinced at my lie, and here I thought it was modest enough. 

He steps into my office and heads over to meet me at the table. He stands at my side as the paper rests on the table. “You’ve always been great at deception, but you could never lie to me. Just like your mother and father. Hand fulls all on their own.” Evander has been serving the royal family for 17 generations. He’s one of the oldest and strongest elves alive today.

He’s older than the majority of the Greshina. Out of the years of expansion, he’s seen many things. He knows more about the Oryzox family than I do. “Not everyone has the same insight as you, Evander… Sometimes, there are sleepless nights when taking care of business…” He knows what I’m planning, and he’s told me how he thinks about it.

Evander has witnessed many wars and conflicts the elven people have been in. Knowing what I’m planning has caused him to question me several times. “When I was a boy, the Elven Kingdom was the same as it is today, just fewer guards and nobles… I’d love to see it change for the better… Instead of the same thing every ruling man or woman…” His words cause me to halt, and I look up at him.

For the first time in my life, Evander has a sad look… He’s thousands of years old, and when he was a boy, the Elven Kingdom wasn’t much different than it is now. “We are elves, Evander. We’re meant to be on top and rule over everything. Not just our people… The half-breeds get their chances…” He sighs and turns towards the balcony. Enter the patio looking over Greshina.

He’s still in his stance of formality and ready for anything, but there is an air about him that’s changed. I get up from my seat and join him on the balcony patio. “Do you know what you’re ancestors told me, my Queen…” His voice is soft and tired, and it’s the first time I’ve heard him like this… “They told me to look after the family… To help make the Elven Kingdom great…” That’s…

Evander takes his hands from behind his back, and he leans forward against the stone railing. “I have failed, my Queen… No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t do anything… Your parents begged me to make sure you didn’t turn out like them… I failed them too…” He starts to lean his body forward and against the stone rail. “I don’t think I can live like this anymore…” My heart sinks as I watch what happens.

The top half of his body starts to fold over the stone railing… I burst forth, and my hand grasps the back of his uniform at the last second, pulling him back to safety… Once I have him safely from the balcony, I can’t help or stop my body from moving. The first thing I do is slap him across the face, and in that exact second, I wrap my arms around him…

Evander has been here for me every step of my life. “Why would you do such a thing?! Is what I’m trying to do so evil!? Securing the future of the Elven Kingdom and its people!? That you’d think you’re a failure?! That you’d try to kill yourself…” He doesn’t respond… He doesn’t hug me back… He remains unmoving in my arms…

I pull away and look up at him, and his eyes are watering… “What will happen to me when you purge the half-bloods? For I am a half-blood.” My breath is taken from my lungs, and I step back… There isn’t any way Evander is a half-blood… There just isn’t… “Will you kill me too? Will I die at the tip of a soldier’s blade for your conquest?” Evander is too strong to kill like that…

But he’s bound by magic to obey any order I give him… Someone could use that… “I’d never kill you, Evander! I’d never let any harm come to you! You’re not a half-blood!” My ancestors wouldn’t have allowed this! They wouldn’t have let a half-blood take care of future generations! My eyes meet his, and all I see is the truth… He’s telling me the truth…

~~~(POV: Violet Adamo)~~~

~~~(Location: Outside Elenahiers Dungeon, Elven Kingdom)~~~

~~~(Time: 4:45 AM)~~~

We’ve cleared the dungeon, and we know why Cera and Hailey came here. They got the potions that turn people into elves. Physically, at the least… “Doesn’t Marcus look the cutest?” My words come out of instinct, looking at my youngest son. His hair is pure white, and his ears are pointy and curved. His eyes are now a clear blue.

He looks just like Chris does. One of the most adorable things is seeing them together. “Yeah, but I’m glad these are permanent changes. Being able to dispel it anytime you want is nice.” I wouldn’t mind them looking like this for the rest of their days. Unlike their white hair, mine is a golden blond and much longer than before.

Blond isn’t my first choice, simply because I love my original raven hair color. However, elves only come in certain hair colors. White, blond, and sometimes blue, from what I’ve seen. “C’mon, you really prefer this look over my old one? Some husband you are…” I’m not surprised Chris likes the way I look. He likes me anyway I look.

~~~(POV: Hailey Adamo)~~~

~~~(Location: Campsite near The Road to The Capital, Elven Kingdom)~~~

~~~(Time: 5:12 AM)~~~

My nerves are on end, and my mind is filled with echoes and thoughts about what Cera revealed. Just as I thought, I wasn’t able to get any sleep… The sun will start rising in a couple of hours, but I’m already too edged out to get any sleep. Instead, I leave the sleeping and snoring Jasmine and get out of the tent. My eyes land on the campfire.

Low and behold, my brother is already sitting there and looking into the forest beyond the fire. As I approach, he slowly turns his head, and we make eye contact. His face hardly moves from his neutral resting position. “Couldn’t sleep, huh… Neither could I…” I don’t respond, and instead, I sit next to him in the dark and look to where he was before.

It was hard to hear what he told me, and I don’t think I’ll never fully process everything… He changed our lives and fates, but at the cost of billions of lives… “Yeah, couldn’t sleep…” My head finds its way against his shoulder, and my stress is lowered a little. He’s my rock, and I rely on him… I need to do the same for him… He’s my brother, and I’ll be there for him…


A/N: Below this line, I’ll be keeping Cera’s player information. That way, I won’t have to place it into the story above anymore. It takes about 180 words up.

[Slayer (Zern) Lvl.196]

[Exp: 40/100%]

[Title: The Son of Arch-Angel Michael (Hidden)]

[Stats] [Strength – 7095][Endurance – 7045][Dexterity – 7215][Speed – 8240][Focus – 19,660]

[Mana aura control: 6/100%]

[Health: 76,560,000,000/76,560,000,000] [Mana: 216,600,000,000/216,600,000,000]

[Stat Points: 50] [Armor rating: 500]

[Inventory] [Dice of Wayland (Divine)] [Hardened Tree sap Armor (Very Rare)] [The Witness (Legendary Sword)] [Fenrir’s Whistle (Divine)] [Sally’s Dresses 5x] [Camping gear] [Food Rations 3x] [Dried meat 4x] [Fishing poles 2x] [Fish 8x] [Festival Garbs 2x]

[Passive Perks]

[Inheritor of the Sword] [Son of Heaven] [Slayer of Evil] [Holy Willow Trees Savior] [Finder of Legends] [The Divine who has Legend] [Destined for Greatness] [Dungeon Diver] [An Overachiever]

[Active Skills]

[Heavens light Lvl.59 325/5900] [Protected by Heaven Lvl.59 225/5900] [Slash Lvl.77 4600/130000] [Parry Lvl.53 80/5300] [Double Strike N/A] [Kingslayer N/A] [Raging Machine N/A] [Winged Glory] [Angelic Flight] [Divine Pressure Exertion] [Divinity Pulse] [Controled Fun]

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