Chapter 45 - Competing In Wealth

Chapter 45: Competing In Wealth

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Recently, Su Wen was in the capital and was in the limelight. People sighed that Su Wen was a powerful person and could spend money like dirt to redeem the Courtesan Belle for himself.

At the same time, Su Wen and Xue Meng initiated a competition in wealth and became the topic of conversation among the commoners. One of them was the son of the prime minister and the other was a wealthy family. How were they going to compete in wealth?

To the common people, the most precious thing was gold and silver. However, these two families had agreed that they would not showcase their gold and silver.

On the day of the competition, the two families even invited a judge.

The President of the Jingdu Chamber of Commerce, Luo Changhe, was a world-class merchant, and also ruled over the operations of the entire Jingdu Chamber of Commerce.

The Pavilion Master of the Hundred Treasures Pavilion, Nan Libing. Even as a woman, she had proved herself, controlling the Hundred Treasures Pavilion which provided treasures for all martial artists and spiritual masters.

The owner of the Balance Scale Auction House, Jiu Kong. He headed the Balance Scale Auction House, an auction venue which was spread all over the Zhou Country. It was unknown how many treasures he kept.

All three of them could be considered big shots. Together, they served as the judges of this competition.

With the status of these three people, only through them determining the outcome could they convince the masses.

A large number of people had already gathered at the location of the battle. However, neither Su Wen nor Xue Meng appeared.

When the time was about to arrive, someone sent out a message!

“Xue Meng has appeared.”

Accompanying Xue Meng were the servants of the Xue Clan.

The hundreds of servants held onto precious brocade silk and laid it out on the ground, while Xue Meng’s carriage rolled over it, pulled by eight Dragon Roaming Horses. It was said that this horse possessed the blood of the Dragon Clan and was extremely precious. Xue Meng’s carriage was crafted entirely of jade, as the Dragon Roaming Horses pulled the white jade carriage, he sat steadily on the seat of the carriage, rushing towards the meeting area!

Obviously, the contest had already begun.

Xue Meng’s actions couldn’t help but shock everyone. One had to know that Xue Meng’s location was more than ten miles away from where the competition was taking place. But even so, he was already rolling out the silk brocade as flooring. A bolt of brocade cost dozens of taels of silver each. For the common people, they would never be able to even wear such brocade in their entire lives. However, this silk was only fit to pave the road for Xue Meng. Furthermore, it was unknown just how much brocade he would need to pave his entire journey here.

There were also people arranged around the carriage. They waved their hands and scattered flowers as they followed. The petals flew in all directions, attracting the gazes of the citizens.

At this time, the capital was in the midst of the bitter winter. Where could one find fresh flowers? These fresh flowers had all been transported overnight by the Xue family from several thousand miles away.

“The Xue family is so bold!”

“Truly grand. I wonder how Su Wen will deal with this.”

“If he doesn’t handle this well, the winner will be decided immediately.”

Everyone discussed fervently.

Xue Meng, who was sitting in the carriage, had a smile on his face! This behavior was already opulent to the extreme.

At that moment, the Su family’s door opened.

Countless servants rushed out with white jade boards in their hands and laid them on the ground. The Xue family laid silk brocade, but the Su family actually laid white jade!

They similarly started paving the way from the entrance of their house to the arena.

Soon after, hundreds of beautiful women walked out gracefully.

Every one of them wore a gorgeous red dress.

However, in the harsh winter, this dress made people feel cold just by looking at it.

“It can’t be that the Su family is giving these women such thin clothes?”

“That’s right. They look good, but aren’t the ladies cold?”

“Even if they’re cold, they have to endure it. After all, he’s the son of the prime minister. Who cares if you’re cold or not?”

These beauties walked out and stood on two sides of the road, separating the crowd from the paved path. Each of them held a flower basket and lined up from the Su Residence all the way to the competition venue.

At the same time, there were guards standing around to prevent anyone from taking advantage of them.

But even so, they were not standing very far from the crowd. Only at this point did people realize that there was more to the eye.

“Eh? Their clothes can actually produce heat!”

“Really? Brother Guard, can I go closer to take a look?”

“It can really heat up!”

“I know, this is the legendary Fire Silk! This thing is much more expensive than the silk brocade! Just this thin layer of clothing can buy more than 10 bolts of silk brocade. Most importantly, this is an item originating from the Southern Ocean. The entire Zhou Dynasty doesn’t have much of it, but this Su family is actually so extravagant, impressive!”

“The Su family is simply too rich.”

Just as everyone was exclaiming at their wealth, the Su family’s main gate opened. A silver sports car rushed out, its tail spurting out huge flames. It rushed towards the arena at an extremely fast speed!

“F*ck me!”

“What kind of monster is this!?”

“What is this? It can run so fast and even breathe fire?”

“That’s so cool! I thought Xue Meng’s carriage frame was unparalleled in the world, but now it seems like it’s far from Su Wen’s.”

If the earlier visual stimulus from Xue Meng was still within the scope of their understanding…

The appearance of the sports car completely overturned everyone’s knowledge!

The loud boom, the flames, and the streamlined body of the car drove the citizens into a frenzy.

As Su Wen’s sports car drove past, the maids on both sides raised the items in the flower baskets up high!

“Who the f*ck threw something at me?” someone cursed from the crowd.

Looking down, he realized that there were pearls and all kinds of gems on the ground!

The Xue family scattered flower petals while the Su family threw precious stones!

“Don’t pick it, it’s all mine!”

“It’s this daddy’s!”

A crazy fight broke out in the crowd!

The guards and beauties of the Su family left after scattering the precious stones, leaving the crowd in chaos.

Paving the way with jade, giving Fire Silk to the female attendants to wear. Coupled with the loud rumbling from the sports car and the precious materials scattered on the ground, Su Wen’s momentum was actually much greater than Xue Meng’s.

The three judges who were watching the competition could not help but shake their heads.

Jiu Kong spoke out, “This Su Wen’s carriage is a novel item. Although the Xue Family’s white jade carriage is made from fine jade, it is still at a disadvantage.”

Luo Changhe chimed in, “That’s right. The Xue family is not as imposing as the Su family. Throwing these precious stones out is as good as throwing them away. This amount of money will probably add up to tens of millions of taels.”

Nan Libing smiled and said, “However, this Young Master Su is really imposing. Not to mention the Courtesan Belle, even I would be tempted if I were twenty years younger. For this round, the Xue family has lost. I wonder if Xue Meng still has a backup plan.”

Luo Changhe smiled. “There should be. The Xue family has been working hard for many years. How could they not have some treasures?”

At this moment, Su Wen stopped his sports car when he arrived before Xue Meng. The latter’s current expression was a little ugly as he knew that he had suffered a loss in the first round.

He got off the carriage and led a woman down.

When everyone saw this, they were instantly amazed!

“Xie Dajia!”

“It’s actually Honorable Xie. She’s a famous zither artist in the current era. How many people want to listen to her personally play, but are unable to?”

“The Xue family put in a lot of effort and actually invited this person to help them.”

“This way, it’s quite interesting.”

At that moment, Su Wen also got out of the car. He was wearing a white gown that made everyone’s eyes light up. After all, this dressing was something they had never seen before.

Immediately after, Su Wen walked to the other side of the car door and opened it.

Zhao Wanrou alighted from the car, dressed in an evening gown. Coupled with her tall figure and exotic facial features, she looked exceptionally beautiful.

But to the public, she was too unfamiliar. No one knew of her at all.

At this moment, Nan Libing shook her head.. “Su Wen is too smart. Xue Meng has lost!”

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