My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely!

Chapter 308 - 67 Knots! Seven Shocking Abilities!

Chapter 308 – 67 Knots! Seven Shocking Abilities!

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Human insecurity primarily stemmed from the denial of one’s own efforts. 

In modern society, there were barely any examples of someone putting in a lot of effort without receiving the corresponding payoff. Yet with the media’s malicious manipulation and promotion, it was constantly being talked about and emphasized. 

To gain the public’s attention, the media would even use the core statement of “your efforts may not pay off” to write the news.

This caused most modern people who were under such influence, except for a small group of determined people, to somewhat lose their confidence. 

Fortunately, the golden-red colored Hope One was like a shot in the arm and, as the properties panel expanded, it made all the self-doubt and self-denial that Su Mo felt disappear. 

[Level 3 Destroyer—Hope One (Legendary)]

[Description: Every magnificent poem has a final chapter that leads to the ending, but every legend that was engraved on the monument will be remembered forever. This is a simple-looking destroyer on the outside but, on the inside, it has been infused with unimaginable power. Even the Gods will tremble when faced with this great power! Remember, when you see this flag with golden-red color glowing at sea, if you are the captain’s friend, then it will be your hope amidst the darkness. However, if you are the captain’s enemy, then just pray that you will be able to escape quickly!]

[Basic Attributes: 84.3 meters long, 12.9 meters wide, 21 meters high, 4.8 meters draft, 6900 tons full load displacement]

[Durability: 30000/30000]

[Speed: Cruising speed (33 knots), Maximum speed (45 knots)]

[Rare Facilities: Civil Type II—Matter Conversion Engine, R33 Shipborne Vertical Launching System, Hope flag]

[Damage Output: 0.24 (Except for collision)]

[Cruising Range: ∞/∞]

[Special abilities:] 

[Charge (Rare): Consumes 5% ship durability to lock in a target direction and launch a 5 minute-charge (Cruising speed: 55 knots). When it collides with the first object, it releases the accumulated energy and the ship’s cruising speed will return to normal (Can only be used once every natural day, 3 charges can be accumulated, Cooldown time: 24 hours)]

[Porcupine (Rare): When an enemy attacks the ship’s hull, the hull produces an energy resonance at an unstable frequency, slightly reducing the damage inflicted by the attack on the hull. There was a small probability of the attack’s damage backfiring on the enemy (Passive skill. Cannot be upgraded)]

[Sea Breaker (Rare): The perfect streamlined body of the ship gives it the ability to break waves. When sailing on calm seas, cruising speed increases by a constant 5%. This ability can be adjusted within a certain range based on how intense the ocean environment is. The highest speed boost is capped at 50% (Passive skill. Cannot be upgraded)]

[Comfortable (Rare): The thick armor plating not only provides sufficient defense for the ship, but it also provides a stable center of gravity for the ship. If the storm level outside the ship is lower than 3, the people in the ship will not feel the pitching and rolling of the ship. When the storm level is higher than 3, but lower than 12, the pitching and rolling effect is reduced by 50% (Passive skill. Cannot be upgraded)]

[Potential (Epic): The upgrade of the hull would not affect the current attributes of the ship (Passive skill. Cannot be upgraded)]

[Genesis (Epic): As the overlord of the ocean, when “Hope One” is sailing on the sea, it will receive the nourishment of the ocean. Every natural day, the ship will recover 5% durability, which can be accumulated. Maximum stored capacity: 30% (Passive skill. Cannot be upgraded)]

[Hope (Legendary): As a legendary-quality ship, “Hope One” has already obtained the ability to lead a fleet. After the fleet that centers on Hope One has successfully been built, and if that fleet meets the requirements, this ability can be triggered. All the ships within the fleet will enjoy a 30% of Hope One’s additional bonus attributes (Trigger requirements: Unknown)]

[Legendary Upgrade: Locked]

Four rare-quality abilities, two epic-quality abilities, and one legendary ability.

The seven special abilities had completely fulfilled Su Mo’s fantasy for a legendary-quality ship!

“It’s a pity that, among the 7 abilities, only Charge can be used actively.”

“But the passive abilities are pretty good too. It looks like they don’t have much game-changing ability in the current phase but, in the long term, they are much stronger than the active skill!” 

Leaving aside the legendary ability—hope—that could turn the tides of war immediately, just simply talking about the sickening epic-quality special ability—Genesis—was crazy enough.

It could store 30% of the ship’s durability, which meant that Su Mo would own a superb trump card. 

Based on the calculations of the Hope One’s attributes, if it was used, 30% meant that the skill would be able to recover 9000 points of durability instantly, which was equivalent to the durability of three and a half rare-quality destroyers; it could be described as an ability that could drive the enemies into despair. 

As for another rare-quality ability—sea breaker—it caught Su Mo’s attention as well.

In contrast to pure numeric value bonuses, percentage bonuses were even scarier. 

After the Hope One had been upgraded further, the legendary level increase of base ability would slowly become terrifying. 

Cruising speed of 33 knots, with a maximum speed of 45 knots. 

Compared to the previous blueprints for the level 3 destroyer, which had only 30 knots or more, the legendary Hope One was a few times faster, and it was even faster than the level one destroyer in the initial blueprint! 

However, even with such cruising speeds, it could still receive the sea breaker’s additional buffs.

During the days when there was no storm, Hope One’s cruising speed would increase to 34 knots, with a maximum speed of 47 knots.

However, once the seas became rough, if it could gain the full buff from the sea breaker ability, Hope One’s cruising speed could increase to 50 knots right away. 

As for the maximum speed…

67 knots!

Good gracious, what kind of concept was 67 knots of maximum speed?

The fastest warship in the world was Caneda’s FHE 400, and its maximum speed was only 63 knots. 

Converting the 67 knots of speed on land, it was equivalent to 120 kilometers per hour on the road! 

Imagine if you were sailing on the sea when the storm struck, your boat was drifting up and down, and could turn over anytime. You would need to put in a hundred percent of your concentration to make sure the boat does not turn over.

However, at this moment…

A heavy destroyer that weighed thousands of tons, covered in special steel plates that were half a meter thick, with a length of 80 meters, and a 6-meter draft, suddenly streamed past in front of you at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour…

This feeling…

This image…

Was way too f*cking amazing! 

“I should stop thinking. If I continue thinking about this, I’m going to get high!” 

He had just simply thought about how the Hope One would perform at sea, and a smile was already lingering on Su Mo’s face.

“Previously, the durability of the rare-quality ship was only 2500. Now it has become 30000; it is over ten times more durable.” 

“If the enemy wants to break through my ship’s defenses from the outside without using any special methods, I’m afraid it would take them years to chisel through a single half a meter thick steel plate!”

Su Mo touched the steel plating that covered the bridge where he was seated. He was very satisfied with the attributes of the ship. 

Hope One, whether it was its power, defense, combat capabilities, resilience, or its special attributes… 

All of them had reached their peak. 

Not to mention surpassing it, even if someone rebuilt another one right now, without the bonuses provided by the game, Su Mo had no confidence that he would be able to successfully replicate this “miracle”.

However, currently Hope One still had one disadvantage, which was…


In the area of construction, Su Mo had invested too much into it; whether it was his time, effort, or even survival points.

Given such an investment, even though he had obtained a steel beast—the Hope One—in terms of the technological development of weapons, he had not progressed from the time he had taken care of the kobolds.

Previously, he had manufactured machine guns and packs of explosives; it had been almost a month, and things were still about the same.

At this point, it would become a big disadvantage when he participated in a war out at sea. 

“Fortunately, after sailing out to sea, anything related to the development of construction can take a temporary break.”

“In terms of firepower, I need to complete the upgrade to level five shelter as soon as possible and create a small and medium-sized laser manufacturing machine to create the rocket missiles required by the RPG and vertical launching system.

“If I can, I will invest more survival points into missiles.” 

“Hope One must possess combat capabilities that can reach hundreds of kilometers away!”

Su Mo looked at the various attributes of Hope One. The only thing that was rated poorly was the damage output of the ship. He pondered and stood up at the same time. 

Around the whole ship, given the situation that the vertical launching system was still currently unusable, in the previous design, Su Mo had designed 18 weapon ports in total. 

There were four of them at the ship’s bow, and four of them at the stern of the ship. The other ten were situated based on the 5×2 method, scattered around behind the ship’s guardrails. 

Along the 80-meter long hull, there would be a notch to mount a Type-80 machine gun every 10 meters.

He only had to open the notch and mount the gun onto the turret before closing the notch, creating a rotating machine gun turret.

Although such a design could protect the ship temporarily, it could not be used forever, so he had to upgrade and replace it quickly.

At the very least, he had to think of a way to upgrade the caliber of the machine gun as soon as possible. Otherwise, just by relying on the caliber of the Type-80 machine gun, it would not cause any significant damage during the ocean war! 

The completion of Hope One had made Su Mo’s mind more and more resourceful.

After checking several times that there were no hidden dangers in the ship’s attributes, he closed the secret door that led to the engine room. Then Su Mo opened the door of the bridge on the first floor and strode out.

Tonight, the test would be focused on the navigational status of Hope One. 

The firepower aspect was not the main point, it only required four upgraded combat agents, who were responsible covering all directions of the ship, to conduct a combat drill and that would be enough. 

He took four machine guns out and, after he ordered the robot workers to head to the specified locations to mount them, Su Mo waved his hand, and three robots that were not yet upgraded, along with the all-powerful combat agent that was used to guard the shipyard, appeared on the deck. 

1440 survival points were spent.

As a green light shone, the eyes of the three normal robots were no longer glazed over; it was as if they had given a soul and had been brought to life. 

“You will be guard No 1.” After he pointed at the agent that was upgraded twice previously and assigned a serial number for it, the remaining three agents sequentially gained their new names.

 “No 1 will be in charge of the bow, No 2 the stern, No 3 the port side, and No 4 the starboard side… Now go!”

Having a complete logical analysis system, and under the guidance of their “boss”, the four agents rolled on their tracked wheels happily without hesitation and disappeared from Su Mo’s sight. 

He waited until everything was done and then informed Chen Shen to continue enforcing order among the villagers. Su Mo glanced at the wasteland ground under the ship, he took out the Divulgence of Heaven’s Secret talisman from the storage space without hesitation. 

Whether Hope One was a donkey or a horse, he would soon find out. 

To figure out whether the legendary Hope One was strong or not, he would only truly know once the ocean emerged and he took the ship out to sea. 

For the first sea trial, Su Mo did not expect too much. He only needed Hope One to enter the sea smoothly, and that would be considered a success! 

Whether the ship would be able to make it to the Great Canyon or not was not vital to the initial data collection of this test. 

“The talisman’s simulation world…”

“I choose to…”



Once Su Mo said that, after his previous experience, this time, when he touched the ocean pattern on the talisman, he hurriedly retreated.

It was still the same familiar blast but, this time, given the situation that Su Mo was fully-prepared, it only made Su Mo stumble momentarily before he regained his footing. 

In an instant, the talisman that was in the air had disappeared, replaced by a door with a flashing blue-colored glow that showed up on the deck of Hope One.

The door was not big, but it was large enough for a person to go through it.

With utmost confidence and without hesitation, Su Mo took a step forward and plunged into the door!

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