Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 867: The Enraged Chef Supreme

Chapter 867: The Enraged Chef Supreme

Li Changlin said with stupefaction, “No matter what happens during the Martial Stage component, Xiao Yuan’s win in the Arts Stage component will have secured him a spot amongst the top 2 in the Martial Arts Stage. When we return, ask your father to give up his last Spirit Savory Pig so that I can cook it for Xiao Yuan.”

Chef Supreme’s expression immediately darkened when he heard what his daughter said.

He had picked up on the way that the Moon Empress was looking at him.

Frankly, Chef Supreme was also shocked that Lin Yuan had been able to finish his topic in under 20 minutes.

It would have been fine if Cold Moon and Mystic Moon had complimented their Young Lord, but why was his daughter singing his praises as well? She had even said that he was much stronger than Zong Ze. Moreover, why was his training of Zong Ze in Creation Master powers called being dragged into the kitchen?

The Creation Master technique he had patented involved using cooking methods to combine spiritual ingredients perfectly.

The way one perfectly combined spiritual ingredients was a kind of expression of their attitude toward life.

The Bamboo Monarch was the only Class 5 Creation Master that used traditional techniques to concoct spirit fluids.

The Moon Empress used her own special method of utilizing moonbeams to refine spiritual ingredients’ aura, essence, and appearance. She combined all these different factors to produce a type of fragrance like she was engineering fragrance.

Chef Supreme remembered how thoughtful his daughter had been when she was young. But from the moment he had accepted Li Changlin as his disciple, Li Changlin started taking Chef Supreme’s daughter around to all sorts of places. Nothing good came out of their being together.

While Chef Supreme was ragging on Li Changlin, Li Changlin started to speak.

What Li Changlin said made Chef Supreme’s already darkened expression turn pitch black.

See! See! All that rascal Li Changlin does is give me a headache. He actually wants my daughter to convince me to give up my last Spirit Savory Pig. He’s trying to coerce his wife to steal from his own Master and father-in-law. I only have one Spirit Savory Pig left. How can you ask me to give it up? Kitchen Fragrance Palace will have no more of its signature fey!

Gu Lang would never ask the Bamboo Monarch to cut down the entire Purple Bamboo Forest, and Lin Yuan would never cut down the two Silver Stamen Golden Luster Cassias.

Chef Supreme was really at his wits’ end when it came to his first disciple.

When he had scolded Li Changlin a few days ago, his daughter had immediately stormed out.

If he had said even more, his daughter might actually run away with Li Changlin again.

The veteran and top faction leaders had heard what the Moon Empress and the person with the stern voice had said.

It now dawned upon them who Lin Yuan actually was.

However, they were not surprised that Lin Yuan was the Moon Empress’ disciple. Nothing could be more surprising than when an 18-year-old young man had been able to beat Chef Supreme’s disciple to finish first place in the Arts Stage component of the Martial Arts Stage.

Chef Supreme’s youngest disciple was already 23 years old.

Lin Yuan seemed to be four or five years younger than Zong Ze from their appearances.

Now, it seemed appropriate that Lin Yuan was the Moon Empress’ disciple.

As Lin Yuan walked over to rejoin his group of friends, the veteran and top faction leaders looked toward Long Tu and the First Elder of Dark Clouds Bird Shrine.

Long Tu and the First Elder of Dark Clouds Bird Shrine did not look shocked, and it was clear that they already knew about Lin Yuan’s identity.

The other top and veteran factions were extremely jealous that Coiling Dragon’s Valley and Dark Clouds Bird Shrine had formed a connection with the Moon Empress’ disciple.

None of the other veteran and top faction leaders wanted to spare Gao Pei even a glance.

Gao Pei was the biggest winner at the Guard Ye Banquet. Not only was his son a part of the group, but he also seemed even closer to the Moon Empress and Chief Guard Ye’s disciples than Long Tao and Li Xuan were.

Moreover, Gao Feng had caught the eye of Cicada Song and was likely to be announced as

Cicada Song’s disciple in the Guard Ye Banquet.

Gao Pei must have amazing luck to have such a son.

As for Sun Ningxiang, the veteran and top faction leaders were torn.

There had been rumors that there had been some changes to the Sun family, and it was likely that they would fall from the ranks of top factions.

But now, it seemed that there was more than met the eye to Condense Fairy Orchard.

Many top factions intending to prey on top factions were now in turmoil.

At that moment, Zong Ze walked out of the long corridor, and Chef Supreme’s expression lightened.

It had already been about 23 minutes since the Arts Stage component had begun, and it was expected that Zong Ze would emerge at such a time.

When he saw Zong Ze, the Bamboo Monarch, who had been mostly silent since Gu Lang entered the Arts Stage, said, “The two fellows set to participate in the Martial Stage component have arrived.”

The Bamboo Monarch turned to look at the Moon Empress.

He had seen Zong Ze’s powers for himself during all the time that Zong Ze had been around Gu Lang.

The Martial Stage component would demonstrate how powerful the Moon Empress’ disciple was when it came to battle.

Gao Feng lunged at Lin Yuan and wrapped him in a bear hug.

When Gao Feng patted someone on the shoulder, the person would feel like a block had hit them.

During the hug, Lin Yuan felt like a tank was crushing him.

After being squeezed by Gao Feng, Liu Jie hastily pulled them apart when he saw Lin Yuan’s red face.

Long Tao, Li Xuan, and Sun Ningxiang also approached them.

Gao Feng chuckled and said, “Congratulations, Brother! You’re the first to complete the Arts Stage component!”

Lin Yuan smiled but not because he had won the Arts Stage component.

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